Online content is one of the most important aspects of any website. A great web designer can make your site look amazing but it’s the online copy which does most of the work.

First impressions are very important.

typewriters The average reader takes just a few seconds to scan your website and decide if they want to stick around. Spelling mistakes and grammatical errors will easily put them off. An incoherent layout and complicated message will make your copy hard to read. Website copywriting can help:

  • Develop a recognisable brand
  • Broaden your client base and overall appeal
  • Highlight your company core values and Unique Selling Points
  • Increase your search engine visibility


Search Engine Optimization helps to increase your website ranking and visibility. SEO web copy is a combination of many different techniques which will increase the overall effectiveness of your online content. Optimising your website content is one of the simplest ways to increase your performance in search engines. What an SEO web copywriter can do:

  • Make your keywords work harder
    Identifying and using keywords is important. But knowing where and when to use them can make all the difference.
  • Streamline your content
    Creating fresh website copy which is accurate, relevant and easy to read.
  • Construct a successful layout
    Making the most of content with structured copy which is easy to read from a computer screen, tablet or smartphone.
Copybreak provided us with a first class service – from initial briefing through to finished article, delivered on time and exactly to spec.Christine McMillan, Technical Retail Services


Looking for a little more industry exposure? Then a feature article or news report will help bring your company into the spotlight. Trade publications will always favour copy which is enlightening, structured and well written. Hiring a professional writer will give you the edge over any other copy submitted by the competition. It also frees up your time to concentrate on the daily running of your business. Copybreak can help with:

  • Features
  • News Reports
  • Advertorials
  • Reviews
If you are creating your own in-house publication, a freelance copywriter can help ease the pressure on existing members of staff – dealing with copy and deadlines on their behalf.



Leaflets, brochures and company newsletters form a crucial part of any successful marketing campaign. They let you connect with your target audience – promoting your products and spreading the word about your services. But all too often this type of marketing material is overlooked. In a rush to get the message out there many companies will focus entirely on selling – using clichéd copy and bland layouts.

What’s more important is to focus on the overall objective – building up a relationship with both existing and potential clients. A copywriter can emphasise the key features of any marketing campaign in a subtle yet robust way.


There’s a whole lot more to selling than facts & figures. Paying close attention to sales copy can help give your promotional campaign the best possible start. Copybreak can provide you with:

  • Original copy in a style which befits your company ethos
  • A focus on benefits not simply features
  • A clear marketing objective and call to action


A good press release can work wonders. From one initial investment your business can gain priceless coverage in newspapers and magazines. On the other hand, a bad press release will never see the light of day. If you are planning a launch, special event or promotion, a professional press release is essential. After all, why go to all that bother and not spread the word?

Copybreak specialises in press releases which:

  • Catch the eye
    Targeted, factual copy which supplies editors with all the information they need.

  • Promote & provoke
    Content that focuses on the benefits of your businesses and leads to a response.

  • Encourages communication
    Professional copy which helps build up trust with publishers.

If you have already created a press release, Copybreak can also edit and proofread the copy to make sure it is print ready.

I have no hesitation in recommending Karen and the Copybreak team and will be using their services again on future projects.Kevin Sharpe, Intelligent Data Services


Any piece of written copy can benefit from a fresh pair of eyes. When you’ve been working away on a website, brochure or blog it’s easy to suffer from a little word blindness. Copybreak can edit and proofread copy of any size – from press releases and web pages to presentations and reports. The focus is always on improving what’s already there and not on complete rewrites. A good editor will always leave the original writer’s style intact and tackle the nuts and bolts instead. Professional editing will:

  • Fix spelling mistakes, punctuation errors and poor grammar
  • Ensure consistency in structure and writing style
  • Assess if the copy successfully meets its objectives


Creating a blog is a fantastic way to network with your existing customer base, expand your reach and develop your brand. It can be anything you want it to be – perhaps a mouthpiece for your business, a place for discussion or even a social networking tool.

Establishing a business blog is relatively easy. But many fall at the first hurdle. That’s because regular, high quality posts are what’s behind every successful blog. If your content isn’t very interesting or only updated every now and again, your blog is never going to reach its full potential. When you leave a blog to fester, it can give the impression that things are a little slapdash.

Copybreak can create fresh and engaging content which will keep your blog at the heart of your business. Whether you want to focus on news events, industry developments or personal insights, we can provide regular blog posts tailored to match your company values.

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