How To Write A Case Study

Case Studies and their posh cousins Testimonials seem to have lost much of their street cred of late. Perhaps that’s because, being the delicate flowers they are, they can have more than an air of desperation about them. Usually found lurking at the fringes of  a brochure or in specially created pages on a website they can stand out for all the wrong reasons. But with a little bit of TLC and understanding there’s no reason why a good Case Study can’t join the party. Essentially, they are a great marketing tool and when handled properly can be very effective at highlighting your company expertise and professionalism.

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The key to a good case study is making sure it’s relevant, interesting and to the point. Nobody wants to read long, laborious prose which goes nowhere. Questions you should be thinking about include: ‘What services or products do I want to highlight?’ and ‘Who do I want this to appeal to?’. Following a few simple steps will help:

Dress For Success

Don’t believe anyone who tells you looks don’t count. You want people to read your Case Study which means giving the page structure. Photographs and company logos can help break a page up but it’s also worth thinking about using a few journalistic tools like subheadings as well as  pull-out quotes & phrases. Bringing your Case Studies & Testimonials in from the cold and treating them to a mini New Year makeover can work wonders. With just a little bit of care and attention they can make all the difference to how your business is perceived.

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