How To Write A Press Release

  Press Releases are designed for one thing only – to create a buzz. This could be for a new product, a particular event or even a person. Whatever the reason behind its existence it’s got to be able to sell your story. I have touched on press release before in a previous post – really covering the basics of what you should include. But it’s something that so many companies get wrong that it’s worth going over what makes an excellent press release.

Make It Relevant…

Many PR companies will issue a general release and send it to as many journalists as possible. But the big mistake here is that by making it general it looses much of its appeal. If it relates to something happening in Blackpool will people in London or Glasgow be interested? Think about what story the journalist will get from your release. It might be tempting to hook it on something that’s currently in the news but only do this if it actually relates to your product or event.

A Tone of Difference

Every publication has it’s own style of writing and tone of voice. Look at publications you want to appear in and write your release in a similar style. If it looks like it might fit right in, it’s chances of appearing greatly increase.

Headline Headaches…

Short. Sharp. Snappy. Don’t make them overly complicated. People just won’t get to the end of the sentence. Even better make them short enough to include in a Tweet.

Put Them in The Picture…

Some journalists hate receiving pictures with press releases but in general they can help sell your story. Only attach two at the very most and make sure they are the most relevant to your cause. If more images are available, explain that at the bottom of your release.

Quotes and Statements

Including quotes is a good idea but don’t use it as an excuse to underline the corporate message. Boring quotes which reiterate boardroom speak will turn any reader off. Make it interesting and importantly, phrase it in a natural way. People don’t tend to reel off statistics, plug other products or list their achievements when they chat. If all else fails step away from the computer and ask yourself ‘why is this important?’ It should help point you in the right direction.      

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