‘News In Brief’ is not just for tabloids

  Ask anyone if they’ve heard of ‘News in Brief’ and chances are you’ll get a raunchy answer. For ever since the phrase was hijacked by The Sun newspaper years ago, it’s originally meaning has been gradually forgotten. While it’s fair to say the future of The Sun itself now looks a little rocky, it’s legendary take on the important news of the day will always have a place in print history.  Sex sells, even when it means discussing politics and economics.

NIBS stripped bare…

But take away the gimmick and what The Sun does really well is classic News In Brief reporting.

short, sharp sentences which get the message across super quick.

  And that style of reporting is something that every business can learn from.   A News In Brief report is a way to let your readers know about developments which don’t necessarily need a full explanation. They are the little bits of important info people would be interested in hearing about but may already have a bit of background on. With this in mind you can afford to be to the point…  

Think three or four sentences, one paragraph and with no need for a photo.

  If you have three or four NIBS, then the ideal thing to do is to club them together. That way readers can be up-to-speed with all the latest news in minutes. Whether you’re looking at it from a print point of view (through the company newsletter or magazine), or on the landing page of your website, it’s an excellent way of conveying info super quick. NIBs can be anything you want them to be – take the tabloid principles and make them work for you. just make sure you don’t take their meaning too literally, like this guy from  Slovenia – boxer shorts may be just a step too far. Slovenian Newsreader  

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