Budget Bingo

In just under half an hour the Chancellor George Osborne will give his third budget in the House of Commons.

Question is: Will he say anything new?

With so much riding on reaction, it’s always tempting to use phrases which encourage confidence. Whether you’re saying them out loud or writing them down, their job is to instill a sense of trust but not necessarily reveal any details. Which is why phrases like ‘in it together’ and ‘for the greater good’ litter politician’s chat.

Think you’ve heard it all before? Chances are you have.

So with George eager to try and steady our nerves about the state of our economy it’s time for a spot of Budget Bingo. PoliticsHome features a few crackers on their Diary page today. ‘Roll up our sleeves’ anyone? Or ‘Work not welfare’?   Here are my top five predictions for today’s Budget Bingo Game… what’s yours?    
  1. A Budget for hardworking Britons.
  2. This is not a time for half measures.
  3. We are still clearing up the mess left behind by 13 years of Labour.
  4. By pulling together our economy can grow.
  5. This system is fair and just for all.

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