Meaningful Communication

Most modern companies know just how important communication is. Whether it’s with clients, potential customers or staff, many will spend lots of time and money writing to customers, issuing statements and publishing newsletters. If they have a good marketing plan in operation, they will also be active on Facebook and have an army of followers on Twitter. So far so good….  However, in the race to communicate, sometimes the message gets lost along the way. Only the other day, I received a cold letter from a double glazing firm which stated:
You may have noticed XXX XXX Glazing active in your area. As a trusted local company, are well-known for our attention to detail. If you are looking to replace or repair your windows and door, we can help with all your problem.
As well as missing out a few essential words and adding a pointless hyphen, they also had difficulty with their verb endings. Thorough proof-reading would have helped a great deal here and saved the company printing out hundreds of promotional letters giving exactly the wrong impression. Others are guilty of another crime – namely  pointless communication. Now it could be argued that at a very basic level, any communication is good. But if you care about what your clients and staff think, you really should be thinking about why you’re getting in touch. All of us have at some point been bombarded by emails, leaflets and letters which are ultimately thrown away because they don’t tell us anything we want to hear. Have a promotion, offer special discounts, announce exciting company news… just don’t expect a big response if you’re sending out the same material over and over again. Lastly, don’t forget the attention-grabbing headline, something which is not only memorable but catchy too. Of course, it’s easy to get it wrong sometimes as these silly ones show.

Stating the completely obvious...

Before you issue any form of communication, have a think about what you ideally want to gain from it. Formulate a concise plan and try to stick to it. This will equip you with a detailed note of

Surely it should drop way before then?

your preferred outcomes and a professional log of what you’re issuing and when. Then, when you’re happy with the content, get someone else to cast their eyes over the copy before giving it the final seal of approval. It could save your blushes just in time.

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