Website Essentials

When I tell people I help structure websites, most assume I’m involved with the ‘nuts and bolts’ of computer programming.
But it’s the subtle world of words which can make one of the biggest differences to your online presence & performance. 
There’s no denying adding multimedia platforms like Adobe Flash will initially impress your online visitors, but without the meaningful content to back it up, they wont stay long enough to find out what you’re all about.
Every site will have important landing pages and information they need visitors to read. What’s more designers know how to structure sites to gain maximum visual impact. But bury your key sales pitch half way down a page, forget to highlight key information or proofread badly, and all that designing won’t really matter much in the end.
Of course, investing in a great looking website that has a good design and structure will help give just the right impression. However don’t overlook the importance of well-placed words. SEO-enriched wording on just the right page, will work wonders with both your website visitors and your Google ranking.
On a very basic level, your ‘Website Essentials’ Check-List should read something like this: Check-List 
  1. Domain name, Web host and Business email.
  2. Professional website (with focus on simple navigation/streamlining).
  3. Fresh, relevant content (with upkeep/update strategy in place).
  4. SEO strategy/local & online promotion.
  5. Social Media strategy.
A well designed website IS important, but great content is what your online visitors will remember you for.

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