Common Errors To Avoid

Sticking to the rules can be hard work. Grammar, spelling and structure all play a part in writing but if you don’t bend rules sometimes, your writing can look a little straight laced. That said, there are a few mistakes you will always want to avoid. Here are just a few whoppers to look out for when you’re tapping away at the computer.
  1. Knowing the difference between Your and You’re. Your is all about possession – ‘It’s your book’ or ‘your bag’. You’re is short for you are – as in ‘You’re leaving your book in your bag’
  2. When to use Lose and Loose. This one I am sometimes guilty of myself but all you have to do is think about it for a minute. You can lose your keys and your wallet – perhaps because your jacket was too loose. Get it?
  3. Using e.g and i.e. If you want to give an example of something, e.g is the one to use. But if you’re looking to explain something in a simpler way, then it’s i.e ‘Hairdressers use a variety of different tools, e.g brushes, combs and pins.’ or ‘Hairdressers use lots of technical equipment to manipulate hair, i.e tools of the trade.
  4. Their where? Over there! There can be a place or used as a pronoun. For example, ‘There is no food in the cupboard.’ Their is plural – so you’re talking about more than one person. so ‘their shopping was still in the car park’ would make sense.
  5. Particle Problems. Some sentences can be tricky – confusing people no end, like this one: ‘Featuring four head sets and two switches, my mum brought the machine into the kitchen’. Most people will read that and think my mum is made of steel. This is because the first bit of the sentence does not modify the next bit of the sentence. A reader always expects this. If they don’t marry up you’ll just confuse everyone.

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