Website wonders

Last week I popped along to my dentist for a little check up. While I was there, I noticed a poster which gave details of their new website.
When I got home I decided to check it out and was surprised at what I saw.
the website itself was good. The layout worked well and it was very easy to navigate through the different pages of the site. There were good images of the surgery and even details of the all the dentists involved in the practice.
The words however were a different matter.
Every time I go to the dentist, I’m reminded why I picked  that particular surgery. The staff are friendly, pleasant and always helpful. So much so, that they make what is essentially a chore, something enjoyable. There are not many people out there who can say the same thing about their own dentist!
But the image the website gave was much more austere. Formal and corporate in style, it reflected very little of the actual experience people had when they visited the practice.
While there is always a place for information on websites, it’s easy to forget to inject a little personality too.
If you want a website which truly describes your business, don’t be afraid to stray from the script now and then. Tell people about your strengths, your goals and what people really get out of your services.
By adding character to your words, you’re far more likely to appeal to customers who want more from their online experience than than just a corporate facade.

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