Writing Tools

An old pencil and a scrap piece of paper. A fountain pen and leather-bound book. A laptop or even a phone.
Every person has their own way of writing and figuring out what works for you is all part of the fun.
personally I’m a fan of the shorthand book. Never expensive and easy to stuff into a bag, it’s helped me out in many different situations. Coupled with an army of pens (and the odd pencil), I’m never short of something to write on or something to write with. For bigger jobs, it’s the trusty notebook which I take everywhere with me.
If you feel inclined to get yourself kitted out, there are plenty of different styles of parafanalia out there to choose from.
Voice recorders can come in very handy and are very easy to get a hold of. If you have shorthand, you might think they are not worth the money, but in certain situations they more than prove their worth. For instance, when you want proof of what was said or when two or three people are talking at once.
Sometimes it’s easier just to put on the recorder and have a conversation with someone. People tend to open up more because they are less conscience of your frantic scribbles. You could also find you actually think about your questions more rather than concentrating on your own writing.
A little notebook is also a great idea – for times when you want to jot something down very quickly before you forget. If you’re a techy, remember to back up everything you write at least twice. There have been a few times I’ve been left high and dry when a computer has crashed or a USB stick has been lost.
Experiment with what’s available and find the writing tools that suit you. That way when you start writing, you’re far more likely to enjoy the experience.

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