Tips On Time Management

Time can run away with the best of us. With lots to fit into our working day, it’s no wonder that lack of time is one of the biggest issues which faces modern workers. However there are a few little things you can do to help your day go to plan. Time management sounds boring, but it can certainly help you regain precious minutes and even hours to finish off those all-important tasks. So where to start? 1. Set some goals and make a To DO List. Write down what you need to achieve that day/ week so that you are well aware of all the tasks which lie ahead. 2. Next, allocated some time to each one. Some tasks take longer than others and having a rough idea of how long each one will take will help you use your time more effectively. 3. Set some deadlines. Know when you plan to finish to a task and stick to the deadlines you give yourself. 4. Organise your workspace. Working at messy desk is far more likely to distract you from what you are doing. Get into the habit of clearing your desk at the end of the day, ready to start afresh the next again day. 5. Prioritise. Other people might want you to focus on other projects, but try to stick to your own schedule. Putting other people’s work before your own will only lead to more stress. 6.  Emails eat time. Checking your emails every five minutes isn’t productive. Try to slot in specific times to check your emails and then deal with them. 7. Don’t ignore the unpleasant tasks. Everyone has things at work they don’t like doing. Try to tackle them little and often to make sure it doesn’t all build up. 8. Concentrate on the task at hand. Having a To DO list should make sure you tackle tasks in some sort of order. Don’t try to cut corners and take on too much at once. Close your door and concentrate on what’s at hand. Mutli-tasking is a good skill to have, but not if you have to do it all the time. 9. Ask yourself if meetings are productive. You can spend a lot of time listening to people talking about things which really aren’t relevant to your work load at all. Habitual meetings regularly overrun and serve no real purpose. Ask yourself if it’s necessary and if so, try to keep to the script. 10. Give yourself a pat on the back. Working 24/7 isn’t good for anyone. If you’ve managed to prioritise your time and stick to it, you should be able to enjoy a leisurely cuppa without worrying about work!

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