Sunday Herald’s Front Page

It’s not often the front page of a newspaper become headline fodder itself, but yesterday the Sunday Herald managed to do just that. There in full colour was a thinly disguised picture of a footballer who supposedly used a super injunction to keep allegations of an affair secret. Inside, the newspaper went further inside, naming the footballer in an in-depth article. The Herald justified the move by saying the super injunction – issued by a court in London – had no legal force in Scotland, and the newspaper couldn’t be prosecuted. Citing their belief in freedom of information, the newspaper explained their reasons for publishing the details. “Because we believe it unsustainable that the law can be used to prevent newspapers from publishing information that readers can access on the internet at the click of a mouse. “Because we believe it unfair that the law can not only be used to prevent the publication of information but also to prevent any mention of such a court order.” The have a point. Millions of people have used the internet as a means to find out about the allegations. If the point of a super injunction is to gag information, they don’t appear to work all that well. What the front page has done, has thrown the whole issue of super injunctions, gagging and privacy issues all up in the air, which has to be a good thing. What troubles me is that they didn’t go further. There are many injunctions around and countless tweets about them all. If the Herald was sure about its position, it might well have published the details of each one. They must have been very careful too to make sure that no copies of the paper found their way down South. Finding themselves in Contempt of Court could just be possible. But then the cynic inside me wonders whether the Sunday Herald might just think about the the boost in publicity and the rise in circulation figures, and happily take any repercussions on the chin.

Stop Procrastinating & Start Writing

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How to Write Headlines

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My Top Writing Hates

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