The Name Game – Company Names & Catchphrases

A lot goes into a name. In business, it can tell you the field companies are in, their take on the industry and even where they are based. In short, getting the company name right is vital. Choose wisely and it can not only help your business gain clients but longevity too. All too often though, people put a lot of effort into naming their business without thinking about the consequences.  For instance, many people like to personalise their companies, believing it will help give their business a certain legitimacy. If you’re willing to put your name to the business, then you want to maintain high standards and great customer service at all times. After all – it’s your name on the sign.  Something along the lines of ‘John’s Bar’ is fairly self explanatory but what makes it different from ‘Bob’s Bar’ down the road? Locals might know that it’s John’s hospitality that makes him stand out from the crowd. Most of us however, will just never know. Company names which are chic and snappy have long been in fashion, but again it pays to spell everything out. A company simply called ‘Style’ might be a fashion boutique, an upmarket magazine, an architectural practice or even a hairdressers. In situations like this, having a great strapline or catchphrase is worth its weight in gold. Not only does it help to explain the business, it also guarantees it stands out. Investing in a good strapline will may dividends when your business is up and running. People will start to recognise not only the name, but the catchphrase which intrinsically goes with it. If you already have a business name, think about how it is perceived by others. Is it obvious what it is you do? If not, it may be time to think about creating a great strapline to help you make your mark in a unique and professional way.

Stop Procrastinating & Start Writing

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How to Write Headlines

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My Top Writing Hates

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