Phone hacking… can journalists be victims too?

Settling down to watch 10 O’Clock Live last week, I was surprised to see a former News of the World journalist going head-to-head with John ‘two jabs’ Prescott. Looking tired and worn, Paul McMullan didn’t even sound convinced at his own argument that it was in the public interest to hack into people’s phones. It made me wonder how much pressure is now on journalists to ‘carry the can’ for the newspapers they work for. It goes without saying the phone hacking is wrong and shouldn’t be done. But perhaps in places where it has taken place, the journalist has been pressurised into doing it. In Britain’s competitive newspaper market, journalists are expected to do everything it takes to get a lead and eventually a splash. If you are unwilling to do certain things, there is always someone who can replace you. I hope that journalists wrapped up in the phone hacking scandal do not become the only focus of the whole affair – effectively scapegoats for their bosses and ultimately their newspapers. If one journalist admits to phone hacking, it’s entirely possible the boss didn’t know anything about it, however when numbers start to grow, claiming ignorance gets harder and harder.

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