The Art of Crafting a Company Newsletter

Company newsletters tend to get a bad press. Often ad hoc in both their layout and delivery, many simply disappear into the ether after a few short months. But with as little bit of news know-how there’s not reason why your newsletter cant spread the word and gain a loyal following at the same time. For newsletters to work, you need to know exactly who you’re writing it for. Employees, shareholders, management or a combination of all three? The purpose of the newsletter is also of critical importance. It can be very easy for people to forget what is is they are trying to do. For instance, a newsletter which is used to promote employee solidarity is going to be different in nature to one which is designed to create new business opportunities. If you already have a newsletter up and running, take look at the content and layout and evaluate what you’ve got. A good indicator is to ask yourself ‘Would I read this?’ If not, then it’s time for a major re-think. If it’s the job of one sole person, creating a newsletter team will not only lighten their load but also bring fresh writers to the project. Think about delegating sections to different people and introducing new topics and writing styles. Articles on company events, coverage of news stories which relate to or affect the company and even features on sister corporations will broaden the newsletter appeal. Introducing a new columnist who gives a first person account of employee life can be a great way of creating a team atmosphere in the office. Even trivia pages and light-hearted features will help in giving the publication a better structure. Creating a recognisable format will also pay dividends. Perhaps little things like changing the colour and size of  headlines or even the resolution of the photos will help create a more professional product. Above all else, remember it needs to appeal to the reader if it is ever going to become the cornerstone of your business communication.

Stop Procrastinating & Start Writing

If you’ve been given the job of updating the company blog or newsletter even just knowing where to start can feel intimidating. We are all experts at putting things off. When a task looms large in our heads, it can sometimes feel easier to just ignore it and do something easier instead. All writers procrastinate. […]

How to Write Headlines

A quick heads up on why the words at the top matter. Headline writing is a true art form. Armed with just a few well chosen words you can convey a great deal within a matter of seconds. It’s no surprise then that with so much riding on headlines a lot of thought goes into their […]

My Top Writing Hates

Writing for a living can be very rewarding. Every day you create something new; bringing new ideas to life. But EVERYONE has little bugbears about their profession and writing is no exception. Now it goes without saying that I love what I do… but every so often I feel the need to count to ten. […]