Writing Copy For The Web

Writing for the web isn’t the same as writing for other mediums. For a start, the design of web pages puts them in a different league from newspapers, magazines and brochures. Depending on the size of your monitor screen, the look of the page (and therefore the content) can change. Clicking on and off pages is also completely different from turning the page of a book or folding over your newspaper. If you’re writing for your own website, it’s wise to consider the style of the site (is it destined to be friendly and informal or does it have be corporate in its approach?) and how much information you want to put on each page. Accuracy is an obvious point, but one which many websites fail at. Correct spelling and grammar are crucial if you want people to understand what you are writing about. It may also encourage them to return at a later date and find out more. Reading copy which is full of spelling mistakes and text speak can be very hard to read. Remember, you want the reader’s experience to be an enjoyable one! SEO is another aspect to consider and using your keywords within your copy will appeal to all the search engine bots out there. At the end of the day however, it all has to make sense. Don’t fall into the mistake of just littering your text with keywords and phrases which don’t make sense – it never works!

Stop Procrastinating & Start Writing

If you’ve been given the job of updating the company blog or newsletter even just knowing where to start can feel intimidating. We are all experts at putting things off. When a task looms large in our heads, it can sometimes feel easier to just ignore it and do something easier instead. All writers procrastinate. […]

How to Write Headlines

A quick heads up on why the words at the top matter. Headline writing is a true art form. Armed with just a few well chosen words you can convey a great deal within a matter of seconds. It’s no surprise then that with so much riding on headlines a lot of thought goes into their […]

My Top Writing Hates

Writing for a living can be very rewarding. Every day you create something new; bringing new ideas to life. But EVERYONE has little bugbears about their profession and writing is no exception. Now it goes without saying that I love what I do… but every so often I feel the need to count to ten. […]