The Home of Professional Writing Knowing what to say and how to say it can make or break a business. For no matter how good your brochure, website or report looks, it won’t matter a jot if your copy isn’t up to scratch. Great content is always a winner. It can help you polish your professional image, widen your audience and ultimately increase sales.
  • Listening We take the time to listen to your aims & objectives delivers targeted copy which fits perfectly with your business.
  • Connecting We produce professional content, which lets you engage with your core audience and enhance your business brand.
  • Persuading We create copy that highlights the unique benefits of your business, and leads to an effective call to action.
With a copywriter you can expect sharp, stylish content with substance. There is more to it than just spelling, punctuation and grammar. Knowing what to do with structure, statistics and SEO keywords is also important too. Whether it’s writing for the web, creating brochure copy or editing reports, Copybreak helps you reach the right people in exactly the right way. Copybreak services include: Fresh, engaging copy is what Copybreak is all about. Why not get in touch by filling in our on-line contact form or visit our Copybreak Services page to find out more.
Karen’s friendly approach made her a joy to work with and we were delighted with the end result.Jo Macintyre, Marketing Co-ordinator, M&Co.
Karen Stewart
Copybreak's Karen StewartAs a professional writer, it’s my job to grab attention – writing clear & concise copy that gets you and your company noticed. From optimised web content and marketing brochures, to feature articles and company blogs, I create just the right message. Thanks to my newspaper background I know the difference words can make to any marketing or advertising campaign. I’ve spent years working for national newspapers – writing, editing and proofreading on a daily basis. As a result every project is always thoroughly researched and managed to make sure it delivers on time and within budget. I set out to discover as much as possible before I even go near a keyboard. By understanding your Unique Selling Points, aims and objectives I can put together copy which fits perfectly with your business values. Not only is it important to get the facts right. Even the most jargon-filled copy has to be a pleasure to read. Based in Glasgow, I work throughout Scotland and the UK. I regularly travel to places like Edinburgh, London and Aberdeen but thanks to modern technology working from a distance is never a problem.

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